The Dholera city is one of the biggest infrastructure development projects in India. It aims at changing the urbanization in India with the modern facilities. This city will completely depict the true meaning of modern and smart place to ease the lifestyle of people. With this beautiful city, PM Narendra Modi tries to create internationally a new image of India.

The goal of this Dholera Smart City is to raise the employment opportunities With it, the industrial output will be triple and exports from the area will be quadrupled. There will be a bulk of opportunities that includes jobs, business, and several other fields as well. In the country, for investors, SIR (Special Investment Region) of the country will be the first choice of investors from all over the world. This is one of the fastest growing regions of India. It will be great to buy a beautiful home in this region as it is one of the best choices of investors.



The Dholera Smart City is basically the first small city of India. This beautiful city is one of the dream projects of our Hon’ble prime minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. Property schemes in Dholera have the beautiful infrastructure, world-class amenities, and the amazing facilities as well. It is planned completely according to the international designs with the helpful consultation of many big global firms. When it comes to design, infrastructure and facilities, this city will take you close to the lifestyle of Shanghai and Singapore as well. This beautiful city contains wider roads, better connectivity, networking, 10m-lane central spine, etc. With the combination of all such  amazing activities, this will be the best smart city of India. This city also has the wonderful transportation system, metro rail, and the expressways which connect it with the other metro cities of India. This city is also connected to the world class international cargo and passenger airport and port. There are a lot of things that you will surely love.The property schemes in Dholera are designed especially for those who want to live in a modern city.


The government of Gujarat has announced this city as the priority development region. The central government has provided around Rs 3000 crores for the project of the Dholera SIR smart city project. It is basically a subproject of DMIC (Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor) projects of central Government. This beautiful city is located near sea shore just 100 km from the Ahmedabad. This location is perfect for a peaceful life and the best place to grow. It is one of the fastest growing city that is full of luxurious amenities and can easily compete with the design of the western countries. Here, you will get to see the world class facilities and lifestyle. The location is best for you if you are looking for a peaceful area to grow positively in your life.

India's Best Investment Destination & Plotting Scheme Near Dholera

Dholera Smart City


The Breeze Residency is basically a Premier Development plotting scheme, which is located in Pipli near Dholera. When we talk about the Breeze Residency which is also a Special Investment Region then you will love to know that this place contains all the needful facilities which make it a preferred choice for most of the consumers. This beautiful place consists of better infrastructure, design and locality that would be able to meet the expectations of the consumers and investors as well. It is one of the major projects of Samyak Buildcon. Here you will get the amidst natural serenity, peace, better security systems, piousness and much more which make it a perfect place to live. Moreover, you will also love the relaxed and progressive surroundings.

This place will help you in coloring your dreams. This is full of amazing landscapes and plots which you will surely enjoy. It will help you in bringing love to your loved one's life. The natural elements of this place make it an outstanding choice.

The Breeze Residency is near to the well-known and historic Jain tirth temple that offers complete peace to the residents. The green environment and planned development make it a unique and the best choice. It spreads a kind aroma which is good for the future of Gujarat.

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